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For brands who are going places.

You’ve established an amazing small creative business but your brand has evolved and your current branding won’t get you where you’re heading. You’re ready to start attracting your ideal customers and to amplify your presence in your industry with a cohesive, aligned, and authentic brand experience.

Prices tailored to individual projects.



If you’ve worked with another designer in the past they most likely presented multiple options and variations of a design concept. Although it’s sometimes nice to see how a designer has translated your vision, this approach can lead to clients choosing based on personal preference and losing sight of their target audience, or trying to infuse elements into one.

How the one-concept method differs is that it flips traditional industry rules around to allow for a more thoughtful and in-depth design experience. (Shout out to Jamie from Spruce Rd. for inspiration on this proven design approach.)


The end goal is to have a brand aligns with your business and values and ultimately builds trust. The one-concept method allows me to create a long-lasting and effective brand by applying all of my skills, expertise and years of experience designed for your target audience. It includes a much deeper clarity, strategy, and discovery phase that results in one comprehensive, well-rounded, and refined design solution. It also makes your life easier because you can keep focusing on taking care of business. 


Brands who have been in business for at least 1 year.

Brands who need a defined identity.

Brands who know who their target audience is.

People who are open to communication.

Creative-led brands who have a passion for what they do.

People who are willing to trust my skills + expertise.

Brands who are ready amplify their online presence.

People who understand and appreciate good design.



We (you and I — this is a collaboration after all!) set up a solid foundation for your project by kicking things off with a questionnaire, followed by a project clarity consult call so that I can get to know you and learn about your target audience. This helps me design with them in mind.


I research your business and industry to gain a thorough understanding of your target market & competition and do a whole lot of design groundwork. I’ll present you with a one-page creative brief as well as a moodboard to ensure we’re heading in the right direction before I even put pen to paper.


With an approved creative direction, I apply all of the groundwork and sketch, design & refine to create a custom identity for your brand. I then present you with one well-rounded & strategic design concept and walk you through the rationale. You review the concept artwork and provide feedback to keep the project moving forward.


Once the revised concept is approved, I move forward with the design and apply the aesthetic to the remaining brand elements, making sure your brand is consistent across all platforms.


Once you have approved the final designs and proof-read all of the branding elements, I prepare and package up all of your final design files to prepare them for print or digital. You now have a cohesive & aligned brand identity and we can move on to your website!


Why work with Rabble Rouse Creative?

I believe in a community over competition and am genuinely passionate about giving small creative businesses a platform for brand success. My mission is to get your creative ideas across the way they deserve so your brand talks to your people and your website attracts your target audience.

I develop brands and websites with room to grow as your business grows. I understand that you may not know much about branding and website design – that’s why you’re looking to collaborate with me, right? My streamlined process makes the whole project run seamlessly so you can keep getting on with your job.

How long does the branding process take?

To allow for the creative process, a typical branding project takes around 6 weeks.

How will we communicate throughout the process?

Rabble Rouse Creative is an online business so all of our communication is done online. However, it’s a completely personable experience. Our 1:1 calls will be done via voice or video call through an online app called Zoom and we will use a project management tool to keep track of all of the design stuff. And email, of course. It’s all super easy and user-friendly so no need to stress if you’re not computer savvy, I’ve streamlined my processes to make it all run smoothly.

Do you offer payment plans and how do I pay you?

The payment schedule is broken down into 4 payments broken up along the timeline of the project. If you’d like to discuss other options, please get in touch.

My preferred method of payment is bank transfer but I accept credit card and Paypal payments as well (however, these will incur additional transaction fees).

Can you design my website as well?

I sure can. Check out my website services or book a free discovery chat to discuss your options.

What if I need extras that aren't listed above?

I’d be more than happy to talk to you about any extras you need for your project. I have an extremely diverse skillset so get in touch to discuss what you need.

Hey, creative thinker, I get you!


Part creative, part strategist, I look well beyond simple design needs and dive deep into the core of your business to develop a unique outcome that speaks directly to your audience.

I listen with intention to craft a custom and authentic design experience for your brand and goals.

Whether you’re after a brand refresh or an amplified online presence, I’ve got the expertise and passion to create the platform your small creative business needs.


I absolutely loved your flexibility and being able to adapt and understand what I was after. Your work is amazing, and so much attention to detail. You truly brought my vision to life. x



The experience was wonderful from start to finish. You have streamlined a very detailed process (web development) into an easy to understand and follow set of processes. Your expertise and care shone throughout the project. I also loved the efficient and clear communication allowing us to move succinctly through the timeline. The final product is exactly what I envisioned, thank you for bringing it to life. I look forward to working together on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.



Kate is adventurous, original and professional. Her knowledge of tactical business advice is multifaceted; she takes a hands-on approach and delves deep into her work and her clients. Kate has a creative mindset to encompass new concepts and originality. Her friendly nature is infectious and a pleasure to be around



What I liked most about working with Kate was her collaborative approach, eye for detail, professionalism and cool edge. The most difficult part of the process was deciding on the logo style, making sure it evoked the right feel for my branding. Kate made it easier by refining the options and really listening to my feedback. It was a great experience having Kate design my logo and business card. I’m very proud to showcase my new brand now and love that she also does a follow up on her service.


Kate understood my vision immediately, elevating my initial idea into a complete concept in line with my brand & aesthetic. She completely transformed my business & its presentation. I have a complete style guide to reference, which was so thorough I still haven’t used all the concepts within it. Due to my lack of technical prowess, I was confused how to access the individual concepts within the style guide. However, all I had to do was shoot a quick email and this was resolved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate. Her ability to conceptualise as well as her versatility being two standout qualities.


Let's collaborate & create something amazing together!


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