You’re original, unique and unstoppable. The cookie-cutter approach just isn’t going to cut it for your brand.

Hey, Rabble Rouser!

You are the rebellious one, daring to build your creative empire and adamant you’ll be seen and heard. You’ve created a pretty damn cool business and have worked really hard to bring it into fruition. You love what you do and want nothing more than for your creative business to thrive. And you know that to take it to the next level you need hell-yeah branding and a kickass online presence to connect with your people.

I get you and I’ve got this!

I specialise in creating one-of-a-kind brands and websites for makers, doers, creators and originators. I help independent and small businesses tell their true story and get their message across with unforgettable originality. I design and develop thoughtful brands and websites with room to grow as your business grows.

So who’s this rabble rouser making a racket?

Hi! I’m Kate, the namesake and creative director behind Rabble Rouse Creative – a Melbourne based freelance digital design studio.

I design killer brands and websites that help creative businesses thrive.

My mission is to get your creative ideas across the way they deserve so your brand and website speak to your people.

I approach every project as a collaboration and take the guesswork and stress out of pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. My streamlined processes and humble focus on customer service will save you the headaches of DIY or hiring an amateur and allow you to keep doing what you do best: your job!

Oh, and if you need to know just a little bit more, I’ve had a Bachelor of Digital Design hanging on my wall since 2005. That piece of paper is worth more than just a qualification, it allows me to live and breathe a creative lifestyle and I’ll nurture your creative project like it was my own.

– Kate

Where are you in your business?

I've done the business groundwork but need a fresh brand identity + small custom website to reflect my future goals and growth.

I'm an established business with a solid brand but need a custom, functional & stellar website to attract my ideal customers.

I'm an established business and am ready to take things to the next level with a brand redesign + comprehensive website.

Rabble Rousers are:

Risk takers, trouble makers, rule breakers, instigators, rascals, rogues, rebels, revolutionaries, radical, rowdy, motivators, and achievers.

What I liked most about working with Kate was her collaborative approach, eye for detail, professionalism and cool edge. The most difficult part of the process was deciding on the logo style, making sure it evoked the right feel for my branding. Kate made it easier by refining the options and really listening to my feedback. It was a great experience having Kate design my logo and business card, I’m very proud to showcase my new brand now and love that she also does a follow up on her service. Arielle Ralph

Arielle Ralph Interior Architecture

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